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Forensic Graphology - Rose West - A Notorious Criminal

Analysis - as reported by Ruth Myers for a Sun Exclusive, February 1999

"Rose West's letters prove she is a twisted, sadistic killer with no conscience ......."

Ruth Myers analysed the notes West sent to her penpal - and they revealed a string of clues to this monster's warped mind.

She said: "Rose West lives in a world of deception and has a tough ruthless nature. She is also deeply disturbed". (picture courtesy of the Press Association).

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"She appears friendly, but this is only on the surface. In reality she is cold and introspective, shown by her writing leaning to the left. She is highly secretive - one of the main characteristics in a murderer's personality - shown by the closely dotted i's. The o's are also closed in a perfect ring, one of the biggest signs of someone who likes to hide things".

"Her true feelings are frozen and repressed, probably the result of childhood traumas. She is emotionally warped and has no conscience or sense of right and wrong. She is moody and prone to flashes of quick temper and irritability shown by the "t" bars not crossing through the stem of the letter. Her sweeping "t" bars with upward strokes indicate an enthusiastic, optimistic attitude at times. She is able to fire others with her zeal and dominate the scene".

"However, the pointed ending of the "t" bars show hostility with a desire to punish. The mixture of rounded and spiky formation of her letters, especially the hooked initial strokes on the b, a, t, i and s show cruel tendencies. And some of the lower descenders of the y's denote sexual deviation and violence.
"Her writing is quite large which shows a need to be noticed. It also means she has a low attention span".

"She is fairly unpredictable. immature and impressionable, shown by the fully looped h, k and l's".

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