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Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) - an introduction.
The ultimate source for scientific handwriting analysis.

Ruth Myers, a leading forensic handwriting analyst (graphology),provides a fully qualified handwriting analysis service. Using proven scientific techniques Ruth's handwriting service assists in personality analysis for business, personal requirements and suspect document examination.

Looking at a signature, handwriting sample, or free script, a handwriting analyst can offer a positive contribution to personal awareness, compatibility, relationships and recruitment.

To Quote:
"Since the launch I have had various colleagues commenting on how accurate and interesting your analyses were ...." Getty Images

".... I for one feel a better person after knowing what sort of personality I project to others..."
JH, London



Many Corporate and Private Companies including, Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Solicitors, Media Groups, Arbitrational Tribunals and the Crown Prosecution Service have taken advantage of Ruth Myers expert forensic handwriting analysis skills:-

  • Character Assessment - Analysis of personality traits from a handwriting sample.
  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Self-improvement - handwriting analysis, or graphology, can reveal hidden talents, certain qualities you could use for personal improvement and gain.
  • Forensic graphology for identifying falsified documents and examination of poison pen letters etc.
  • Relationships - does your partner's handwriting say something about them you should know? What about your colleagues?
  • Media Services - handwriting analysis of public figures and entertainers.
  • After Dinner Speaking - an informative, but entertaining approach to handwriting analysis.
  • Exhibitions and Corporate Events - with audience participation these events are both an interactive and memorable occasions for client and guests alike.

Handwriting Consultants of London
The Ultimate Source for Scientific Handwriting Analysis

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