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Celebrities - Samples/Analysis
Below are details of some celebrity analyses undertaken by Ruth Myers: -

Jeffrey Archer
(Politician and author) - This signature denotes an extremely creative articulate alert and colourful personality with masses of showmanship, drive and initiative with an excessive need for attention, approval and recognition.

Liz Hurley
(Film Star) - The signature is clear and large written with an underscore. The size of her writing indicates that she need attention and likes to be in control. She is very ambitious and highly intuitive and creative. She is easily irritated. An independent person who likes her own company and is selective in her choice of friendships.

Esther Rantzen
(T.V. Presenter) - She has an enormous enthusiasm which can pretty well dominate the scene. Forceful and persuasive her dynamic nature adds zest and zeal to all. The angular writing denotes a critical and sharp intelligence. She sees beyond the obvious - everything to her is a challenge. She will tend to find fault rather than praise and with a tendency to have a short fuse. She is very individual - a personality who needs to exercise numerous built-in controls to keep her compatible! She resents intrusion into her affairs!" Because she has a strong will she will welcome opposition as it gives her a chance to focus on things that should be questioned, giving her the opportunity to demonstrate her skills, strength and talent.

Michael Jackson
(Rock Star) - The incredible leftward slant is so far back that it would be difficult for him to relate emotionally to anyone. Deeply introverted with a huge vanity, his thick writing suggests high energy levels and indeed sensuality!!! He is completely self-absorbed and deeply introverted, self-conscious and shy. A great showman he has an overwhelming vanity with a distorted sense of his own perfection and expects to command importance - feeling that he is superior to everyone - a miniature god!! Outwardly friendly, but in reality cool, detached and at heart a loner!!!

John Major
(politician - former British Prime Minister) - Behind the polished smile and seemingly affable manner lies a steely personality, disciplined, aggressive and doggedly determined. The tall upward loops shows an idealistic attitude and somewhat out of touch with reality! He's thrifty, and concerns himself with details, never forgets what has been said but cannot really see the overall picture. He has an exaggerated self-image, and will take on more than he can actually handle. He's rather secretive, inhibited and hides his deep feelings, despite his apparent outwardly friendly manner.

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