Identifying Suspect Documents using Forensic Graphology & Scientific Handwriting Analysis

Suspect Documents & Forensic Graphology

Forensic graphology and forgery examination:-

For forensic graphology a handwriting analysis expert will use measuring devices, regardless of the script (whether cursive or printed), to compare handwriting in terms of size, width, height and angles.

The documents are enlarged and stereomicroscopes and magnification equipment gives a depth of field that is helpful in studying indentations of writing.

ESDA (Electrostatic Development of Indented Writing Impressions) develops indented writing impressions that are not seen with the naked eye, for example evidence of altered records, names and addresses, finger-prints etc.

Forensic Graphology

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For more information about forensic graphology and the use of handwriting analysis applied to criminal investigations, suspect documents and acts of corporate fraud, click the links to the left.

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